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Here is a pictures of the 5 1/2 year old 9pt that was taken in Stillwater, PA on opening day of gun season 2011. 21 1/2 inside - 23 1/2 outside spread with an SCI green score of 136 inches I believe he qualifies as a Big Old Buck

Neds Buck on trail camera

Ned with his buck he weighed 187 lbs dressed and had 11 scoreable points.

Clearfield county archery. I shot this buck Saturday morning October 15, it is a 9 point with a 19.5 in spread

8 Point I took on 11/1/11. It weighed 155lbs. dressed, shot in Susquehanna County by Brock Small

Sheila Appel with first buck ever shot with a borrowed 10 point crossbow in colly , pa,,,,oct 29 2011 at approx. 5:30 pm,,,,he is a 9 pointer,,, his rack is several inches past his ears,,,,,,, he is the crowning glory to my hunting career

Uncle John's buck .

Uncle John's buck . A squirrel finds a nut sooner or later! Doe bleated him in to 30 yards,a perfect heart shot.

Cal. 10 point. Archery

This is an injured 8 point i got on oct 12th..their has been too biger i passed ...but this guy had a broken leg. So i felt it was the proper thing to do. Mick Konigus

Glenn Hibbler Sr 11/4/11

This buck was chasin hard, came in to a can call after kicking a smaller bucks ass!! 25yrd shot. field dressed weight 165, 18in spread. broken left brow

14 year old Bethany Ruhf from Meshoppen. 185 lb Buck taken in Susquehanna Co. on Nov 5. Her first deer with archery equipment.

Tim. 10 pt. Archery

Pat Lafferty with a 9 point, shot on November 5, 2011. Split brow, 18² spread, 200 lbs dressed.

my son johnny and i downed this nice 7pt. buck in forkston pa. on the last day of the 2011 archery season. it has a 17" inside spread.

Jeremy's 10 pointer taken 11/12/11 weighed 150lbs, grunted in to 20yrds Also, got a trail cam pic before the season

I shot this monster 22 point buck on nov 5th with a matthews z7extream in susquehanna county.dressed out weight was 240lbs.

EJ. Pa Buck

Harry's 2011 Buck, 7 pointer taken at 7:30 AM on opening day of rifle season 2011. He was running with 2 other buck.

Joshua Lannen shot this buck the opening day of rifle season, 11 point with a 19 in spread

Mike W. 11\28

Alan Weidner , proud grandfather, 9 point buck with a 20 1/2 inch spread.

Breanna Weidner, 12 years old, hunting with her grandfather - 4 pt ( her 3rd buck)

Timmy Davenport Jr, 7 years old, under mentored youth program hunting with his father Timm Senior - Doe ( First deer)

David Erich here is a pictures of the 9 point buck that I got this year on October 24th in Jefferson county.

Gabe's Big Buck Its a 9 point and scored 127 grossed and the net score was 122 1/4

Gary Wajda on rifle season opening day. Itıs a main frame 9 pt with a broken kicker on the right G2. 17² inside.

Matt, with his largest buck to date! It was taken at 200 yds with his .270 on opening day November 28th at 10:15 AM

Josh, first buck 12-7-11 8 points

Kaleb Konigus age 11, shot his first Buck on Tuesday the 29th - 5 pointer 1 shot kill, he was hunting with his father JJ Konigus

Mikes 10 pt. taken on 12/2

Morgan Weaver shot her second buck on friday december 2nd in pike. Its a half rack 2 pt.

Rob Smerk - 8 point ­ Shot him December 2nd at 11am with a Remington 270 - 18 1Ž2 inside spread ­ Center County

Val 2011 rifle season in Beaumont in Monroe Twp. Wyoming County, PA.

Griff with his 5th buck in five years of hunting. He is 13. 13 point. Main Frame 10 w 3 kickers. Killed on Saturday, Dec. 3rd in Bradford Cty..

Ricks 9 point taken on last the last morning

Mark Houser While hunting in the Philipsburg, PA area on December 2 with my brother-in-law who was visiting from Illinois, I downed this 9 point buck with a 17" spread. Great family time spent hunting together and plus I was lucky enough to bag a nice PA Buck!"

Harvested in Dalton, PA scored 198".

Ryan Hanslovan took this 10 point Oct. 1 20011 whith his mathews z7 in the Philipsburg area.

Jason Walsh scored with this 8pt on the last day of the rifle season. The buck had a 20.5" outside spread and 7.5" & 6" brow tines. The deer was shot on State Game Lands in Northumberland Co.

Nov 1 2011 James took this buck while hunting in Susquehanna Co.

Lenny took this 145 inch 8pt opening day of Pa. rifle. While hunting in Mehoopany, Wyoming Co.

Alex Gulitus with his fist buck 4 pointer taken the last day

Jordan with a fine looking buck

Alice and the 9 pt, 225 lb buck she shot on the first day of the rifle season.

Bob with the 15 pt (26" outside spread!-gross score 160) buck I got on the last day of the season.

Missouri deer. 143 and change. Dressed at 204 shot with a Hoyt CRX and a Rage broadhead.

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